House Rent Receipt Examples

House rent receipt is a written acknowledgement or a proof for receiving a specified amount of money in exchange for a rent. Landlord issues a house rent receipt to secure the transaction with the renter and to avoid rental problems in the future. It is wise to provide a receipt

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Loan Contract And Agreement Template Examples

A loan agreement or contract is a written document that sets terms of money or personal property that is going to be borrowed by someone else for a period of time. If you want to lend your money to your friends or family, this agreement will be useful to protect

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Household Inventory List Template

Keep track the contents of your home can be useful and we can do it annually, home inventory list can be great tool to get the job done. This document can be useful when you need to file a claim to your insurance as the insurance adjuster will ask you

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Grocery List Template Free Examples

Shopping in the grocery store can be tedious task, especially when we don’t have any preparation beforehand. The preparation we mean is list of items we need to buy and sometimes if we don't prepare it, we might forget any important items and also end up spending too much on

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Weekly Schedule Template For Your Inspirations

Managing time can be challenging for some people, tools like schedule template or timetable can be very helpful for them. Weekly schedule template is designed to help us track our weekly schedule and activity, so we will miss important schedule and can manage our time better, it can be used

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Free Printable Attendance Sheet Samples

Attendance sheet can be used for various purposes related to keep track of individual presence within a workplace or a specific location. Attendance sheet will help us record the attendance of individuals, the records can be used for different purposes like performance evaluation, payroll or analysis. Using attendance sheet, we

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Feedback Form Template

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Shipping Label Templates

Here is a series of shipping label templates and examples to help you preparing your shipment. Shipping label is used for distribution chain of any shipment to make sure the shipment will be handled properly. The standard shipping label contains of information such as the details of the sender, recipient's

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The Best Of Business Memorandum Templates For Your Inspirations

Business or organizations use memo for internal communication, this can be effective communication tools especially when the message is important.Unlike business letter, a memo doesn't come with salutations but it does mention the recipient, date, and subject as well as person name who is sending the memo. The content of

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Loan Agreement Format For Money Lending

Today we want to share with you a collection of loan agreement template and examples to help you in preparing your own loan agreement. Loan agreement is made to make sure both the borrower and lender understand their rights and obligations and to avoid disagreements and conflict in the process.

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